Photography is my life's passion and it brings me so much personal happiness. Each day I am grateful to be able to capture people's life stories through my camera's lens.

I view my photographs as a celebration of life. Whether I am photographing a family portrait session or a 300 person wedding, my vision is inspired by the love, laugher and joy that surround us.

I began photographing weddings in 2008 and ever since my very first gig, I fell in love with the medium. Because no two weddings are ever the same, I approach each event with a new set of eyes and a passion to discover and capture the magic of the wedding day. As the shutter of my camera clicks to photograph a couple in the beauty and majesty of Hawaii, I constantly think to myself, "I've got the best job in the world!"

When I am not photographing, I am most likely out playing with my beautiful wife, adorable & rascally toddler, and our boxer pup.

I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your photography ideas.

- Aloha

Joseph Esser

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