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Fine Art Wedding Photography – My Vision:

My vision is to create images that capture the essence of my couple: their love, laughter, joy, and style. My desire is to produce authentic, emotive imagery that encapsulate those relationships between the couple and their loved ones. My photography is inspired by natural and timeless imagery that reflect the true personalities and experiences of each couple’s wedding that can be enjoyed for years to come. As such, we specialize in natural light photography. I view my photography as a celebration of life. I strive to shoot the feeling of each particular wedding day so that my photographs will still hold their power decades later. In the end, I imagine that moment in the distant future when my clients are paging through their wedding album with their grandchildren and reliving that same love, laughter, and joy with them.

I prefer to photograph from inside the wedding, rather than as a detached observer. I am discreet and hidden when I need to be yet am directive when necessary, like when I'm gathering family members for a group shot. I like to think that my experience and personality adds a level of calm to the wedding day. My calm, fun, and easygoing demeanor sets me apart from other photographers. I believe my ability to genuinely connect and to get couples to relax in front of the camera allows me to capture real moments and candid images.

Cinematic Storytelling – My Video Team:

Storytelling is extremely important to me, and my videography team films and edits each wedding to reflect our couple’s big day and their unique personalities. My videography studio is comprised of a small team of filmmakers experienced in capturing sound, motion, and most importantly emotion. My filmmakers tell each wedding story using the most advanced cameras and aerial equipment. My team also uses telephoto lenses to capture the ceremony and reception as unobtrusively and discretely as possible.

A Modern Touch - My Photo Booths:

My photo booth is an open-air style. We can easily fit a group of friends or family into an image without being confined to a small space. My photo booth uses high quality cameras, professional lighting, and an elegant range of backdrops to provide high quality 4x6 prints in a range of customized designs.

About Me:

When I don't have a camera in my hand, you will probably find me at the beach, hiking the mountains, or at home with my fam. I am a father to my beautiful and incredibly clever 5-year-old daughter named Valentina. I'm married to my amazing wife Jacquie who is running for her first time for office in our local election this year: Honolulu Prosecutor Race. I am incredibly proud of her and her fearlessness. I also have a lazy bones dog named Annie "the Boxer" who prefers to sleep all day but we somehow are able to convince to get out of bed for her daily walks.